10 Day Christmas Challenge

Raise £10 this Christmas with our money raising and saving challenges, and you can enable us to provide a nourishing school lunch to one child every day for a whole year!

Take Our 10 Day Christmas Challenge

Raise £10 this Christmas with our money saving challenges!

Your £10 can provide one child in India with a school lunch every day for a whole year.

Get involved with any of the following challenges that take your fancy, or make up your own if you prefer. When you have raised your £10, text MEALS to 70300 to donate your gift to our Food For Education Programme.

Save on Friday drinks, or cut back on any drinks night
Make your own homemade lunch rather than buying out
Enjoy a filling breakfast at home instead of buying one on your way to work
Give it up! Save by giving up your coffee for a day
Wash the dishes for a £1 donation
Make your Mum breakfast for a £1 donation
Get walking and save money on your travel fare as well as burning off those Christmas treats
Enjoy a night in cooking instead of eating out. How about making a healthy curry inspired by our school lunches?
Save on Christmas shopping by buying online at Savoo, and show your support for Akshaya Patra at no cost to you
Switch to a healthy option – give up snacks, or replace them with fruit
Reduce your caffeine intake and try a green or herbal tea instead
Cut back on spending and add a personal touch – get into the Christmas spirit and bake brownies at home to share with family, friends and colleagues