International Day of Charity
5 th September

In recognition of the efforts of charitable organizations and individuals, including the work of Mother Teresa, the General Assembly of the UN designated the 5th of September, the anniversary of the death of Mother Teresa, as the International Day of Charity.
What is Bake a dream campaign?

It is a very straightforward charitable initiative for offices across the UK. You and your colleagues bake cakes at home or buy them in the store, which you then sell in your office to each other in a cake sale. This initiative is a wonderful way how to socialize within your team – a lovely “afternoon tea” activity – whilst raising money for a charity. ‘Bake a Dream’ is based on our mission to encourage more children into education to pursue their dreams, instead of working for a day’s meal. We want to give every child the chance to fulfil their dreams of education.

Download the poster and circulate with your colleagues so everyone knows that something exciting is happening soon and that they should get their baking gear ready!