Karnataka State Relief Operations – Virtual Webinar

On the 10th of April, The Akshaya Patra Foundation UK conducted a virtual webinar with a range of panelists to speak about the current COVID relief operations in India and in the UK. The webinar was specific to the Karnataka state relief operations and a huge number of people from the Kannadigaru UK group participated in the session.

The panelists included – Avanidhar Havaldar, CEO of Nammradio, Bhawani Singh Shekhawat, CEO at Akshaya Patra UK, Kalakantha Dasa, operations representative at Akshaya Patra Bangalore and Radhika Iyer, Independent journalist and Associate Director at Akshaya Patra UK.

Here is the link to the session which was broadcast live on various groups on Facebook – https://business.facebook.com/100008974111634/videos/2255367734772342/