Watford Estate Event


The Akshaya Patra Foundation opened its Watford kitchen up to persons working around Imperial way and the busy Penfold Trading Estate. Some signature dishes were served by the food charity, during lunch hour. Akshaya Patra specialises in serving charitable hot, tasty and nutritious meals.


Despite the demand for as many as 3,500 meals a day in the Watford area, the charity warns the full extent of the crisis could be masked. Warm summer weather means families are not forced to choose between heating and food costs and free school meals are available to many - though not all - during term time.


Akshaya Patra UK's Director of Operations Erika Loch said "People might have this idea that hunger is a third world problem and by our measures, it's absolutely not. It hasn’t even fully hit yet but has been creeping up for a while, families are going to have to choose, right?Choose between a meal, or hot water, or heating. This is what we are hearing from the ground.”







If you'd like to attend any of our futures open houses, do drop us a line on office@akshayapatra.org.uk and we'll add you to the next one. 



You can feed a vulnerable child for as little as £1.25

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