Dear Friends and Family,

I turn 60 on 12 February 2023. I have decided to spend the next 12 months helping Children in need in the UK. Children who cannot get the simple basics of food. UK Government stats show 1 in 3 children lives in poverty even before the cost-of-living crisis started.

My vision is to raise money and channel it so the maximum is utilised to feed Children in desperate for food.

I have partnered with Akshaya Patra. They have the largest NGO kitchen in Watford supplying food to many children. Over 90% of the money donated goes to helping children.

I am blessed with a privileged life. So are you and that is why I have approach you for a donation. With the economic outlook getting worse, the situation is going to get worse for the Children.

I will close the donation on 12 February 2024. We will inform you the change made by the year of donations by all of you.

I thank you from the Children who will benefit from your donation. Plus, a big thank you from me.

Aalok Soni

12 February 2023

- Akshaya Patra UK


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  • Mr.Yashbir Soni on Feb 11, 2023
  • Mr.Aryan Soni on Feb 11, 2023

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