Clifford Chance Fundraiser for Akshaya Patra UK

This Diwali, the festival of light, Clifford Chance is hoping to spread light in the lives of children, hungry to learn. Please contribute to fight hunger and malnourishment in children in the UK and in India. 

In January 2023, 21.6% of households in the UK with children reported that their children experienced food insecurity. That is about 3.7 million children, double the statistics in 2022, according to the Food Foundation.

Hope Stories - Akshaya Patra UK - Children

Food insecurity and malnourishment have meant increased disease rates in children. Akshaya Patra UK, a registered children's food charity has been cooking food with fresh ingredients and serving it to children in need across London's hardest-hit boroughs and areas. So far, the charity has served over 660,000 meals in London since 2020.

In India, the charity runs what is officially the world's largest single-country feeding programme, serving more than 2.2 million school-going children, daily, at their places of education. Fighting classroom hunger over 23 years and elevating children out of poverty cycles to see them flourish in meaningful and competitive jobs all over the world is an impact, directly attributed to the charity's food model according to the Harvard Business School's report.

Join our cause and contribute to making a lasting change this Diwali. Your support can brighten countless futures.

Hope Stories - Akshaya Patra Children India

- Akshaya Patra UK


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