Miles For Meals

Are you between the ages 6 and 102 living anywhere in the UK?
Then our 'Miles for Meals' challenge is for you.


Every £1.25 raised can ensure atleast one hot meal to a child




Our youngest champion thus far is Shae Devalia, who made 500 jumps on a trampoline during the lockdown.


Jean Louis is cycling 10,000 kilometers across the coastal strip of the UK. Take a bow!


Akshaya Patra is taking Child Hunger head-on and is currently the world's largest mid-day meal provider in the world. TAPF serves hot meals to 1.8M school children every day in India, changing lives, families and communities in infinite ways. In the UK, we have been serving since 2019 and have worked with many councils in London including Harrow, Brent, Tower Hamlets, Southwark, Lambeth, et al., to serve children. Our first UK facility opened in Watford in October 2020 and has the capacity to prepare fresh, nutritionally optimised, vegetarian meals at scale.
The challenge could be anything you wish to try. 'Miles' is a metaphor to suggest you are pushing yourself to do more. So for example, if you are going to meditate for an hour a day for 30 days, you are still a Miles for Meals Champion for Akshaya Patra. Similarly, if you walk your dog or jump - those are miles too.
You know your limit. And each person's minimum and the maximum is different from the other. So set your own target and deadline. We only focus on helping you achieve your target.
Yes, of course, everyone is welcome!
We will share an email that will help you understand how to track the 'miles' progress of your challenge. The first step in setting up your very own miles for meals challenge is to click on the 'Take up a challenge' button to reach us.
We will help set up a fundraiser for you on The Akshaya Patra UK's website. You will receive a unique link. Simply share the unique link with friends, family, on your social media and other platforms. You will know the names of donors and the value of donations. We will be there with you at every step.
While this is completely up to you, we suggest you see these below before you decide. You can choose to raise funds for children in India or in the UK or both nations. 2000 can serve hot meals to 2000 children for a month in India at schools. £ 2000 can serve 2000 hot meals to hungry children in the UK.
If the FAQs have not answered everything for you, feel free to write to

We'll help you set up a fundraiser and also share examples of what many have done to successfully get healthier in the mind and body.



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