Akshaya Patra & GMSP Launch their First Kitchen in the UK



The UK has over 3 million children who are risk of hunger, especially during school holidays, when they do not receive their usual free school meal. Akshaya Patra has served close to 50,000 hot meals in 2019 and 2020 during school holidays. These meals were cooked at the kitchen of our affiliate partners.

Now with the help of GMSP Foundation, we have our own purpose-built kitchen designed to cook 9,000 meals a day. Powered by two modern Bratt pans with a capacity of 400 litres each, hi-tech combi oven, and cooking range, the kitchen can cook up to 9000 meals in a day, in its full capacity (3 shifts). The kitchen has been fully funded by God My Silent Partner Foundation, UK.

The menu is diverse like London’s population, nutrition-rich and always accompanied with a fruit. Crisps or packaged food high in sugar and salt never make to an Akshaya Patra meal.

Akshaya Patra UK raises funds for its flagship programme, the world’s largest mid-day meals service, which feeds up to 1.8 million children in India, daily. Since 2019, the charity has also been tackling hunger and malnutrition among children in the UK. In association with its affiliate partner Food for All, Akshaya Patra has been serving close to 3000 homeless and vulnerable adults across Greater London.

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You can feed a child in India for as little as £1.25 per month

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