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 A compilation of ten beautifully illustrated moral stories written by 6.5 years-old Gia Soni, who is an avid reader herself.

Embark on a journey to the enchanted world of kings and queens, discover the true friendship between a baby elephant and a prince and learn about the power of love, kindness and forgiveness.
An excellent bed time read for children!

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A short adventurous story written by eight year old, Deeva Karnani Shah.

Three adventurous girls set out on a boat ride. Accidentally, they land on an island full of mysteries. 
What did they find there? Will they ever come back?

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For each book purchased a small amount will be donated towards The Akshaya Patra Foundation UK. We welcome you to support the girls in their endeavours.



You can feed a child in India for as little as £1.25 per month

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