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Aparna Prinja, a doctor and nutritionist, and Shital Shah, a private catering entrepreneur, have collaborated to create their debut book, Plant Milk Power, on the back of a shared interest in encouraging healthy dietary habits. Whether it is a quick and healthy breakfast for individuals leading a hectic lifestyle, or those interested in non-animal foods, Plant Milk Power beautifully reinforces the need for fresh and natural ingredients to revitalise the body every day.

This book aims to give you the inspiration and know-how to experiment with and enjoy a whole new world of nutrition and flavour. Learn how to nurture new habits, tantalise your taste buds and reinstate the equilibrium in your daily life.

Plant Milk Power is a recipe book that couldn’t be more timely, featuring recipes for homemade plant-based milks that are easy to make and provide fresh, healthy options for breakfast and snacking. Allegra McEvedy – a chef, writer, broadcaster and MBE for her work in the hospitality industry – has lauded the upcoming publication’s importance. “Plant-based foods are of growing importance in people’s lives and as a conscientious chef and mother, I am grateful for this vibrant and useful book by these two inspirational women.”

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