World Hunger Day


Childhood is a memoir of sweet recollections. It kindles in one, inestimable joy that lives forever in our hearts. It plays a pivotal role in an individual’s development and how they grow up as social beings. If there is something called a ‘complete’ childhood, then it should comprise of innocence, enjoyment and self-exploration. But, most of all, it should comprise of food in plenty, education to encourage ambition and friendships that provide a sense of belonging. These serve as the perfect ingredients for a happy and much desired childhood!

Why Food?

Firstly, because it keeps the child alive! Secondly, “hunger makes a thief of any man” and finally, food poverty prevents children from attending school. Hunger forces young boys and girls into poorly paid unskilled labour, depriving them of an education, a right they are entitled to as stipulated by The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). Above all, a lack of food acts as a barrier between them and their classrooms.

Why Education?

School is a child’s second home. It is their seat of education. Education helps to build a strong foundation in life; it helps break the chains of poverty inextricably linked to their future, their empowerment and their economic growth. Education offers children a ticket to their dreams which are as diverse as the stars of the constellation.

Why a Sense of Belonging?

It is a childs inherent, intrinsic desire to belong. They naturally wish to exist as an element of something important, something fascinating and larger than themselves. This sense of belongingness exists as a result of the friendships and relationships that schools helps to develop and encourage. After all, what is childhood without the sweet bonds of friendship? It is impossible to fathom the joy children feel amidst their friends. For them, it is the perfect feeling of comfort and belonging formed from knowing that they have precisely the right person/people around to live their childhood. Be it lunch time or school itself, nothing is complete without that friend!

Why Are We Saying All This To You?

We say this because we at Akshaya Patra believe in the maxim, ‘feed the children’. Why? Because this is our only answer to the question; ‘How do we end world hunger?’ Our wholesome, lip-smacking mid-day meals attract millions to their school doors. The very thought of a meal is enough motivation for our beneficiaries to attend school, receive education, cultivate friendships and say bye-bye to classroom hunger.

Hence, this World Hunger Day, let’s celebrate childhood through the meals of Akshaya Patra. It takes only £10 of donation to feed a child for an entire school year. Let’s feed children in need who have every right to a healthy childhood. Let’s all come together as a community and endeavour to find ways to end world hunger. We should do so with utmost priority because every hungry child must be fed and education should be accessible to every child. Hunger must not be a threat to childhood because only when there will be no hungry bellies, childhood will be complete and lessons will be read in unison.

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You can feed a child in India for as little as £1.25 per month

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