These activities complement our core meals programmes.


When natural disasters occur or conflicts break out, there is almost always an accompanying food security crisis. Wherever possible, Akshaya Patra is committed to placing its resources and expertise at the service of children and communities in desperate need of humanitarian assistance. 

In recent years, our emergency relief work has included the provision of food aid to communities suffering amid the Covid-19 pandemic, flooding in various Indian states, the Ukraine war, and the Turkey-Syria earthquakes. 


Recognising the special importance of early childhood development and nutrition, Akshaya Patra serves daily meals to more than 70,000 infants in close to 3,000 Anganwadi nursery centres across India. Our nutritious meals support these young children to meet their early years development milestones while also laying the groundwork for their future growth. 

In addition to supplementing nutrition for under-6s, the Anganwadi centres provide informal pre-school learning, immunisation, health check-ups, referral services, and nutrition and health education for parents. Akshaya Patra is also providing meals to pregnant and lactating mothers as part of our Anganwadi feeding programme. 


Through our partnership with schools on our core meals programme, Akshaya Patra endeavours to make a meaningful contribution to our partner schools’ permanent infrastructure, for the benefit of students and teachers. 

This initiative includes working with schools to ensure they have a comfortable and hygienic dining space, safe and secure food storage facilities, sufficient hand washing stations, appropriate plates and utensils, and access to safe drinking water for all. 

Our school infrastructure improvement activities help support the happy consumption of our meals, social interaction among children from different backgrounds, safe food handling, good hygiene and handwashing practices, and the reduction of food waste. 


Akshaya Patra operates a scholarships programme which provides financial assistance to deserving students, giving them the opportunity and tools to shape a better career path via post-secondary education. 

Without this initiative, the disadvantaged students we support would be forced to drop out of their studies, despite possessing both the aspiration and aptitude to continue with their learning into the world of higher academia. 

In recent years, we have incentivised thousands of underprivileged young people in India to continue their education – and thus enhance their future prospects – by supporting the funding of college and university tuition fees.