Our Work In UK



8 million people in the UK are affected by food poverty. This number is nearly all of capital city, London's population.


Of these, nearly 5 million people are suffering from acute food insecurity. This includes lowincome homes, the unemployed, the vulnerable and the homeless


There are close to 3 million children who sleep hungry during school holidays, due to lack of access to a plate of food.

The Corona Virus pandemic 2020 has made the problem of hunger more deep-rooted. As of today, there are close to 300,000 homeless persons in England alone.


We run two feeding programmes in the UK which tackles food poverty among children and adults respectively.

Holidays for many children is a time to enjoy with family, eat healthy, travel and get oneself recharged for the new term of school. Unfortunately, for 3 million children in the UK, it turns out to become hungry holidays instead of happy holidays. They lack access to free school meals which they receive in school during term time. The low-income family is unable to support the child with wholesome food.


There are close to 300,000 homeless persons across England today. There are an even greater number of adults who are deprived of a basic plate of food. Akshaya Patra also has tie-ups with various food banks across London.

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