If you are in need of food for children, vulnerable adults or hungry people in London and Greater London boroughs, TAPF UK is here to help. Our kitchen is located in Watford. We prepare fresh, hot, nutritious vegetarian food daily. Our kitchen was designed to cook at scale, thousands of meals - which are healthy and tasty. TAPF UK serves children who are eligible for free school meals as well as those who may not have access to quality food at home.

We run two programmes which include charitable meals  Nourish to Flourish  and  Beat Hunger. We serve university students, the homeless and other vulnerable communities/groups. We work closely with food banks in different areas of London. Boroughs we regularly serve include Barnet, Ealing, Hertfordshire among others. TAPF UK is here to serve our local community and those in need within an hour’s drive radius of Watford.

If you are a school, holiday club or sports club, council, food bank, care home, refugee, or homeless shelter and are interested in learning more about our programs and servicesplease get in touch below.

Food Provisions - London

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