Abhishek Jairath, FUNDRAISER

Our inspiring supporter Abhishek Jairath has been doing incredible work raising funds for our Food For Education Programme for the past five years. Here he shares his journey partnering with Akshaya Patra, and his thoughts on the importance of our work.

“How can we carry on with our lives when there are so many children out there who go without food and education? I learnt about how grave the situation was when I heard Morari Bapu speaking on TV when he was visiting London. I was amazed to hear from him how Akshaya Patra is a selfless movement who hit the mark of making sure children receive food and education in many areas of India.

From that time onwards, I decided that something had to be done. The flame of compassion ignited within me, and I knew I was going to make a change – not on my own, but with the help of many others. I contacted people who agreed to join the cause. Since 2012, I have led a team who run, swim, walk, or cycle – all for the cause of giving children the right to food and education. 

I congratulate the Akshaya Patra team for having a robust infrastructure, and their economies of scale make gifts to them go even further. Now that’s what I call making the most out of something. I salute every person who comes together to make a change and provide a child’s right to food and education”.

Feed a vulnerable child in India for a month at £1.25

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