When Indu was just two years old, her mother passed away and her father abandoned her. Since then, Indu’s Grandmother has been taking care of her, stitching clothes for women in the neighbourhood to earn a living. However, as a widow earning pennies it was becoming increasingly difficult for her to facilitate both an education and wholesome meals every day.

After learning about our healthy and wholesome free school meals from her neighbours, Indu’s Grandmother immediately enrolled Indu at the local government school. She was relieved to have found a way to ensure that she could continue supporting Indu’s education as well as her health and wellbeing. The mere thought that Indu receives a healthy and nourishing meal at least once a day, fills the elderly gentlewoman with great satisfaction and contentment.

Expressing her love for her grandmother, Indu told us; "I feel blessed to live with my Grandmother. She has showered me with so much love and care that I don't really feel sad about my parents anymore." Indu adds, "I am thankful to Akshaya Patra as it provides delicious free school lunches, not just to me but also to my best friends, every day."

Feed a vulnerable child in India for a month at £1.25

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