Kirti - Stories of Hope

13-year-old Kirti studies at one of our partner schools in Bangalore. This bright, energetic girl dreams of becoming a professional contemporary dancer, and is so passionate about fulfilling her ambition that she walks 10 miles to reach her after school dance lessons. She told us enthusiastically; “I love songs with peppy tunes and would like to participate in competitions”. Her father works in the construction industry and encourages her aspirations, along with her friends, who clap loudly to the rhythm of the songs as Kirti shows us her graceful, elegant dance moves.

Kirti also enjoys studying and likes solving mathematical problems as she enjoys the challenge and the sense of satisfaction she feels if she is able to solve a complex problem correctly. She believes that developing problem solving skills at school also gives her the ability to solve any concerns that may arise in her everyday life.

When asked about the school lunches served by Akshaya Patra, Kirti says; "I love the food provided by Akshaya Patra. My favourite dish is rice and sambar. When I eat to my heart’s content I am able to concentrate better on my studies, and it also gives me the strength to dance”. Smiling, she then ran off to play a game of catch with her friends.

Keep dancing Kirti, we are behind you every step of the way.

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