Krishna, an aspiring Mathematician who is currently studying in Standard VI at Dhanot Primary School near Chhatral GIDC. It is a small town in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India When asked about her passion, “playing with number is what I like the most.” By being a mathematician, she hopes to reduce any particular problem down to its simplest form. 

Her father works in a private company and mother is a housewife. She has two sisters – Rossini and Nikita (aged 15 and 8 years respectively) and one brother – Rudraksh (aged 6 months).  

In the past, her younger sister stopped going to school when she ran out of books, as their parents could not afford new ones. With plenty of struggles, they never surrendered their hope and tried their best to earn a livelihood. 

She says - “My father is my inspiration. Born in this humble family, I have learnt that only dedication and commitment can drive our dreams.

I owe my thanks to Akshaya Patra, which serves mid-day meals at my school. The meals keep me energetic and helps me to concentrate more”.

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