Muskan says "by attending school, we have had to face very strong criticism including opposition from elders within the family and in the local community. However, we have not given in". Because her father has been such a strong advocate for her education, Muskan wants to see his head held high and to set an example for other families who have daughters by becoming a successful intellectual.

Muskan belongs to a family of eight - Mum, Dad, three sisters, two brothers, and herself. Her brothers also attend school alongside her. She shares that at times, it can be tough for her parents to arrange for meals each day and Akshaya Patra really helps them to manage their household financially. Expressing her gratitude, Muskan says, “Thank you Akshaya Patra, for all the healthy mid-day meals I get to enjoy at lunch with my friends. Your meals are a blessing for me and the Khichadi, sabji and thepla are my favourite mid-day meals.”

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