What's in a name? More than we often realize. However, it was interesting for us to know what this young child feels about his name. He says, "I am Shakti. And, I hold 'power' in high regard." So, he desires to be a Police Officer when he grows up. By being a police officer, he wants to protect and help people for good. Shakti's father is a priest and mother, a homemaker. He says that he draws inspiration to help people from his parents. 

Speaking about his classroom experiences, Shakti mentions, "I believe it is my positive thinking and confidence that helps me in scoring the highest marks in the entire class every time. Indeed, I feel I can do much more!"

He says that all the children love the mid-day meals served at his school by Akshaya Patra. It is yummy and calms their hunger too! Shakti's parents have also tasted the mid-day meals and they say it's tasty and nutritious. 

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