"We are working with Akshaya Patra because we genuinely feel it is the right thing to do. There are hundreds of thousands of children in India for whom hunger is a seemingly immovable and unrelenting barrier to education. This feels deeply unfair and, frankly, plain wrong. The meals Akshaya Patra provide are truly life-changing - they help offer children the invaluable opportunity to learn, to progress, to support their families out of poverty.

Breaking down the barriers that keep families in poverty across society is so important. We couldn’t be more proud to be supporting Akshaya Patra in their mission to end hunger as a barrier to education for children in India. Knowing that we’ve already helped serve over 1.3 million meals to children is simply awesome and we’re looking forward to helping serve more".

Wish to support Akshaya Patra with your restaurant business? Become a restaurant partner. Give Meals for a Meal.

Feed a vulnerable child in India for a month at £1.25

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