Elaborating on her aspiration, Tanaya says, "I stay in a kacha house (a house made up of mud, straw, wood and dry leaves) and although I am fond of it since it is my home, I have always been amazed by the different structures and designs of big houses.” 

Having a keen interest in school events, Tanaya loves to participate in class debates and school competitions. She enjoys going to school every day; English and Odiya are her favourite subjects. 

Tanaya likes watching Cricket and never misses a game if the Indian Cricket team is playing. She believes that Cricket teaches a person to be optimistic in life; “Life, like the game of Cricket, has a set of guidelines and so the challenge is to perform well by using the limited resources at your disposal to achieve all that you can.” She hopes to one day visit the historic city of Bhubaneswar, Odisha after hearing about the architectural beauty of the ancient city.

Talking about Akshaya Patra’s meals, Tanaya says that she likes it because it is very tasty. Her favourite dish is soya bean curry.

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