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We are now scaling our program to serve quality school meals in the UK via breakfast and holiday clubs. School meals have received a lot of attention in the media recently and at Akshaya Patra we are striking new collaborative partnerships for them to become healthier, fresher and available to all in the UK.








Fresh, warm, nutritious and tasty meals all year round in the form of school breakfasts or holiday club meals.




Healthy food in every stomach
Focused minds
Energy to concentrate and play




Physical - Improved health
Mental - Improved learning
Social - Improved behaviour
Reduction of social & economic inequity

Providing all year-round high quality, low cost, nutritious and fresh hot meals for children in poverty, through schools and holiday clubs. Our kitchen in Watford, in North London, welcomes visits from all stakeholders including school study tours.




If you are a school and you are interested in the UK Kitchen Programme, please get in touch

020 800 48743     OR      CONTACT US

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